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Club Futsal Enfield

Futsal Enfield is the home for Club Futsal London team and Club Futsal Academy our aim is to give children the best opportunities in life to develop their skills to another level. With a pathway to academy football or our Futsal national team. We have great links with pro clubs and often arrange friendlies to go Academies ie Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur, Coventry City have close links.

We are a National Futsal League Championship side and all members become Academy players regardless of abilities we are developing a nation in a fun environment. We aim to help children to young adults to join our centres across Uk to prevent the awful knife and gun crimes through focusing on Futsal.

We welcome boys and girls also Adults to attend and enjoy our All year round Weekly Programs or book a place at our Half-Term Futsal Camps.


By playing Futsal you touch the ball double the amount of times you would by playing football. Futsal balls have a low bounce, it spends much more time on the floor which is excellent for development of skills and ball control. In this game, players find themselves playing under pressure in confined spaces. It is played to touchlines and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head-height. The pitch size demands quick decision making, movements off the ball and intensity.
We welcome boys and girls of all abilities to attend and enjoy our All year round Weekly Programs or book a place at our Half-Term Boot Camps.
Famous professional Football players like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar and even the greats Maradona & Pele are self-confessed Futsal players during their childhood.

Enfield U12s

What Does Club Futsal UK Offer?


  • Make New Friends
  • Learn New Skills
  • Chance to Play in Teams
  • Indoor Training


  • Join Professional Academies
  • Chance to be a Coach
  • Get to Play Barcelona
  • Go On Tours

Endorsed by the Brazilian Futsal Federation

Pros of Club Futsal UK

  • Franchise¬†Opportunities
  • Coaching Positions
  • In School Training
  • Backed by Brazilian Futsal Federation

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