Futsal Oxford
Welcome to Oxford Futsal Academy this centre is a brand new area in the heart of Oxford.

We are a National Futsal League Championship side and all members become Academy players regardless of abilities we are developing a nation in a fun environment. We aim to help children to young adults to join our centres across UK to prevent the awful knife and gun crimes through focusing on Futsal.

We welcome boys and girls also Adults to attend and enjoy our All year round Weekly Programs or book a place at our Half-Term Futsal Camps.

Club Futsal has produced and still producing talented players that have gone into Football Clubs or Futsal sides all across the world. We encourage every member to join regardless of ability and enjoy there Futsal to make them a more accomplished player for the future. We are proud of the fact we are endorsed by the Brazilian Futsal association one company in Europe to be backed by such a prestige organisation.

Sessions on Tuesday 5-6pm

Oxford Academy

Alex and Emilo Young members Now Coaches