Alexandra Solokova
1st Team Head Coach
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    1st Team Head Coach

Alexandra Solokova

1st Team Head Coach

Football player. I played in USSR football clubs and In clubs of Ukraine and Russia.
Futsal player . I played in the World futsal Championship in Paraguay 2003, AMF futsal. 3 games: Ukraine – Canada 6-4, Ukraine -Norway 3-0, Argentina- Ukraine 7-1 . 10-place among 20 participants.
European futsal Championship 2004 in Belarus Republic. 5 games: Ukraine-Spain 6-4, Ukraine -Russia 5-7, Ukraine- Armenia 10-1, semifinal Ukraine-Belarus republic( Champion of Europe 2004)  1-5. 3-d place among 8 participants.
UEFS futsal Cup 2002 in Belarus Republic 3-d place, 4 games.
Championship of Russia 2002-2003-2004 , 42 games, getting futsal Sport master of Russia.
Player of microfutsal(3×3 side) competitions. European Championship in Spain: 4  games, 2 goals;2010, World Championships 2011,2012,2013.2014, playing coach 18 games, 6 goals.

Futsal Coach:
Coach in Spartak futsal Club. 2000-2001 futsal Cup of Russia runner-up, futsal Championship of Russia 2-nd place.
The winner of the Cup of European Champions as the coach in Worto-Spartak Moscow 2001.
Coach in MVA futsal Club from 2003-2007, participant in futsal Championship in Russia.
Futsal coach in futsal club Tver( Russia) 2008-2009, participant of the futsal Championship of Russia.
Futsal coach in MVA ( Moscow) ,participant of the futsal  Championship of Russia 2010-2012
Futsal and microfutsal coach in Sport Club Lichnost( Moscow) , participant in futsal Championship in Russia 2013-2019.
Microfutsal coach of Ukraine microfutsal team 2013-2017 in the World microfutsal Championships.