Our new CFUK Coaching franchise; perfect for business people that want to get into futsal and football people that want to get into there own business.

The CFUK is a coaching business that provides an unrivalled level of support for franchises, from a coaching
and business perspective.



What are the criteria for becoming a franchisee?

There are 2 main sets of criteria that need to be met in order to become a franchisee


1.Coaching: The Director of Coaching must be a Futsal qualified coach and other coaches within their program must have a FA level 1 qualification. All coaches have to be CRB checked and pass our child protection policy and have successfully been vetted by the police & social services.



2.Business: CFUK will provide all potential franchisees with a business plan template to fill out which will help you decide if there is an opportunity in your area and provide you with literature and templates to starting your business


In addition to this it is good business practice to do as much research as you can in terms of access to facilities, competition, local relationships with schools/clubs/players etc. All of our franchisees have found this a very useful first step in setting up their business. With our support we want all of our franchisees to build successful, sustainable long term businesses with our branding.


CFUK offers franchisees the benefit of new company that believes on player development in a fun and safe enviroment, and provides franchise training and support package from our own Sports Coach Educators.


CFUK have a limited number of franchise territories available in the UK and are looking to partner with the highest calibre of business minded people and coaches alike.


With this in mind, we have a stringent recruitment process that we go through with all potential franchisees to ensure that the applicant has the relevant skills and resources to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of both the business and the brand.


CFUK Franchise Territories
Start from £3,000 County Area £8,000 Country per annum